Welcome To Southern Sneaux Snoballs, LLC
Our Story, Our Family
My name is Armand J. Duvio III, my wife is Allison and my 2 daughters, Savannah & Madisyn.  In 1972, my dad "Armand J. Duvio, Jr." opened his first snoball stand "AJ's Snoballs, on the corner of St. Claude and Clouet St behind Mckenzies Bakery in the Ninth ward.  In 1978, he opened his 2nd snoball stand on Lake Forest Blvd in New Orleans East.  Many years later, the landlord decided to end the lease.  Now known as Rodney's Snoballs.  They have just a few of our secrets.  In 1979, he decided to open the first Snoball Stand at the Jazz and Heritage Festival.  April of  2017, we will celebrate our 39th year, of serving the finest snoballs at the festival.  Now, the tradition continues!!  We can't wait to meet the great people of our Slidell Community.