About Our Product


At Southern Sneaux, we offer over 50 of the most popular flavors.  Many snoball stands offer over 100 flavors.  Those hundred flavors exist, just for them to say that "We have more flavors".  When in all actuality, they are rarely purchased.  We prefer to have the freshest ingredients and when  a menu is too large, your final product will not be as fresh.


What is Sugar Water?  Sugar Water is a term used in the Snoball industry that is basically just your sugar and water mixture, before the flavoring is added.  Places such as Hansen's boil their sugar water which makes it thick.  The thicker the sugar water, the more rich the flavoring becomes.  At Southern Sneaux, we have invented a way to create the same thick syrup without the need for boiling.  Our syrup is just as thick as Hansens.  Also, not all Sugar is created equal, if you're at a stand and you see anything but Domino Sugar, turnaround and go elsewhere.  The taste just won't be the same.  Stick with Southern Sneaux, - Always your best choice.

The Softest Snow

What is the perfect snoball?  Well, probably 99.9% of people will say that its the snow that makes the difference.  At Southern Sneaux Snoballs, we make the softest ice possible.  With generations of experience and attention to detail, you will never be left with chunky ice.  People drive from Mid-City, Gulfport, Bush etc, just to come get the softest snoball possible.