Welcome To Southern Sneaux Snoballs, LLC

Serving the New Orleans area the upmost quality snoballs!!!
Our customers travel from as far as Bush, La. - Gulfport Ms.
Mid-City New Orleans, Chalmette, La
(Traveling pass many, many snoball stands on the way!!)

Southern Sneaux now caters to sporting events, ball parks, large parties, conventions, festivals, and more.

We currently cater the softest pre-packaged Snoballs
to the following businesses:

Louisiana Mercedez Benz Superdome
Bayou Country SuperFest (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
Essence Fest (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
New Orleans Saints Games (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
Superdome Concerts (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
Superdome Events (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
New Orleans Convention Center (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
World War II Museum (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
New Orleans Smoothie King Center (Snoballs & Daiquiris)
Ochsner Hospital (Slidell) (Snoballs for events)
Slidell Memorial Hospital (Slidell)(Snoballs)
Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours (Slidell)(Snoballs)
Slidell Youth Football Association (Slidell)(Snoballs)
Bills Southern Comfort Lounge (Slidell) (Daiquiris)
Coming Soon: New Orleans BabyCakes Stadium!!!

For information on adding Snoballs and/or Daiquiris to your business menu or questions about events, ball parks, parties etc. contact us at 985-273-4570..
Our products allow for most businesses to offer a quality product to its customers, while allowing for a margin of over 100 to 800%

Ball Parks can dramaticaly increase their revenue with our pre-packaged snoballs.

Also great for fundraisers!!!

Softest Snow on Earth
Why is our Snow the Softest????
46 years of Family Snoball Experience
Sorry, can't give away the secrets!!!!

Our Flavors
  • No shortcuts with our syrup, only Old School Syrup offered here.
  • New Orleans Original Chocolate Syrup (Everyone praises our Chocolate)
  • Great Paw Paw came up with the first Chocolate Recipe for Snoballs!! 
  • Guaranteed best Sugar Free in Slidell, we don't use the cheap sweetners!